Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mo Ranch 2010

Mo Ranch has quickly become the highlight of our summer! It is a week of family camp and we are blessed to be there with great friends.

Ty and Laynie getting ready to canoe up the river. Jason and I have lots of room for improvement in the rowing department :).

Family pic!

Jason, Ty and Laynie going down the rapids in the Guadalupe River. It's the perfect spot to be adventurous and enjoy God's creation!

A glimpse of the river.

Love this picture :). Crystal was giving Josie the "good stuff," including bbq brisket, and Josie was a fan for sure! Ha!

Josie did great in her floatie in the river!

Ty and Josie on the last day, while we packed up the cars.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laynie's Dance Recital

Laynie LOVED her first dance recital. Of course, it was all about the costume and the makeup. She danced a tap dance to Gitchey, Gitchey, Goo from Phineas and Ferb. It was so fun to see her filled with so much joy as she got to dress up, dance and perform. And she loved to watch the other dance performances, she was truly mesmerized by them. God has blessed us with a girly girl through and through :). And if you knew me, you know that she didn't get it from me!

Ty's Kindergarten Luau/Last day of school!

Okay, this is ridiculous, but I've fallen way behind on blogging (again), so I'm going to do a few catch-up posts! Stay tuned!

Posing before school

Tyler receiving his Mossman Knight of the Year award in his class from Ms. Colby. He's such a sweetie, we're so proud of him!


The best attempt at a picture of all 3!

Ty with his teacher, Ms. Colby. She was such a perfect fit for him, super loving, organized, lots of fun, and had a song for just about everything! Watching him learn to read this year was so cool!

Can't believe we'll have a 1st grader next year. Well, in just about a month! Wow!