Monday, January 18, 2010

California highlights - yes, from November

I was tempted to just move on from these pics, since I posted many of them on my Facebook anyway, but there were so many great memories from this trip, that I felt compelled to share some of my favorites! This was trip was awesome, I think T and L were at a great age to travel, we stayed at 5 different locations over the 12 day trip and they remained enthusiastic the entire time and Josie was still little enough to go with the flow :). Here's a recap of our trip.

This pic was taken at LegoLand, it's not a great representation of where we were, but it is a great picture of their joy! This was taken right after a water ride where Jason, T & L were shooting canons of water at other riders. They loved it.

This picture was taken in "MiniLand". The entire scene behind T is made out of Legos. We weren't sure the kids would love this section of LegoLand, but T was enamored by it. It was pretty amazing.

This was taken in San Clemente at an adorable little crepe shop. Sharing a nutella crepe with Laynie was a fabulous way to start the day :). And we were there with some of our favorite friends that we hardly ever get to see. Aimee, if y'all had been there, our trip would have been perfect! I guess I'll have to look forward to blogging about our trip to Kauai one day!

This is Sandy & Clay. I went to school with Sandy in elementary, junior high, high school, college and credential school. Crazy! And we certainly do have stories to tell :). But I am so thankful for her friendship and I'm so glad we've gotten to know Clay...he is an awesome guy, I wish we were all closer!

Here is Raffi and Alli and their daughter! Jason and I met Raffi our freshman year in college and we've been friends ever since. So many fun college memories and I'm also so thankful for our friendship with them. I wish we kept in better touch, but I always know we are just a phone call away :).

This is pretty sweet, a beautiful beach day in Southern California with surfers in the backround. At least he wasn't pressing me over his head!

Laynie is always ready for long as her silky is close by :).

I finally took my first airplane ride with my dad! It was awesome, super smooth and a beautiful view. What was I waiting for?! I may have been inadvertently scarred by watching La Bamba in 6th grade. I'm learning to let go of previous misconceptions. And I'm so glad I did!

My dad lives in the country and the kids love to go on tractor rides. They got to take turns, one time with Papa in the seat and the other time being pulled in the wagon. The best part was when we got to the next house past his field, the neighbors came outside and invited us all in for cookies! Then we got back in the tractor and rode home :).

These are Ty's cousins, my brother's daughters...beautiful and lots of fun!

Jason popped Josie onto my dad's shoulders. I love the facial expressions in this picture, caught in an impromptu moment! (click on the pic!)
Tyler and his cousin, my sister's son, playing on the deck at my Aunt's house on Thanksgiving Day...beautiful view!

This is my brother and Josie, again, love the facial expressions :).

Love, love, love this pic. We've been known as the 3 Musketeers since high school. Sandy, me and Jamie. We've gone to school with Jamie since junior high and we played softball and volleyball together for 6 years! Love these girls! I miss hanging out with these girls weekly for coffee. And I wish I lived close enough to share Trader Joe's with you both!!!

What can I say...Laynie is pouring a bag of leaves on her head for fun. She's great. I wish I could bottle up her giddy joy.

The kiddos with Nana and Nina. Boy do the kids have fun at their house. Making gak, baking cakes, leaf piles, air hockey, movie nights and adventures galore!

Ty and Laynie with their cousin at Apple Hill, a beautiful place in the foothills that is devoted to little shops that sell a variety of apple products. We all shared slices of fresh apple pie and the kids enjoyed chocolate covered apple slices. And did I mention that there were beautiful trees and mountains surrounding us?! I miss those views.

And finally, me and my sister at Apple Hill. It was a perfectly crisp Fall day in California.
And yes, by the end of this trip, I was trying to convince Jason to look for jobs in California, and looking at the real estate around Sacramento. It is beautiful there and the majority of our family is there, along with many meaningful friendships.
I never thought I would be calling Texas home, especially after 5 years! But thankfully we are surrounded by an amazing community of friends here who have become like family to us. We are thankful to be right where we are.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time to catch up!

Okay, time to get caught up! The kids are going through some distinct stages right now, so here's an update of what they're up to!

Josie is pulling up on everything! She's just starting to think about moving her feet as she pulls up too...exciting! Her smile is THE sweetest thing :). And yep, her hair rocks! Right now, she's sick with a yucky cough and fever, so we're praying she gets well soon.

Laynie is living in the world of princesses, dress-up, fairies and dance. Every day for the last 2 weeks she changes out of her original outfit into dress-up clothes and asks "May I have this dance?" She wants to dance all day long, mostly with someone. Last week she was putting on my chapstick and said to me, "Doesn't this make my lips look like honey?" Seriously, I assure you I have never said that! Then she put lip gloss on her cheeks and said, "Now my cheeks look like roses!". Wow. Where does she come up with that?!

Here is a preview of Tyler's science fair project. Tyler is loving kindergarten, reading more day by day and trying not to have his brain swallowed up by the Wii. He is loving Super Mario Brothers and I'm pretty sure he's constantly thinking about his next "level".

This is a picture of our minivan on the way to the Clear Lake dog park. Josie is most likely chillin' in her carseat, Laynie is sucking her thumb, holding onto silky and wearing a crown, Finny is looking out the window and Tyler is playing his DS. Yep, that's our family!
Another classic family shot. Jason and Ty are playing the wii together (both intently), Laynie is having a snack and making faces at the camera, Finny is trying to eat Laynie's snack and Josie is hanging out, playing with the cord.

And finally, 2 sweet pics of Josie exploring at the Tot Spot in the Children's Museum. She is so fun, one sweet smile from her and I'm melted. I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with this sweet girl!