Saturday, June 27, 2009

Look who found her thumb...just like big sis :).

I'm pretty sure it's official...Josie is a thumb sucker, just like her big sister :).

Josie in her bouncer at 3 1/2 months

Josie in the swing at 3 1/2 months

Big sister Laynie at 4 months

Friday, June 26, 2009

First visit from the tooth fairy

About a week ago, while we were at Mo Ranch, Tyler discovered he had a loose tooth! He was having a hard time eating corn on the cob because his tooth hurt. And lo and behold, he had a wiggly tooth! After dinner on Wednesday night, his wiggly tooth was hanging on by a thread. On Thursday morning, Tyler gave it the final tug!
Before bed on Thursday evening, Tyler found a "care package" from the tooth fairy on his pillow. It was a box set called Tooth Fairy Time by Susan Magsamen. It included a book about teeth, taking care of teeth, and the tooth fairy. It also included a pillow in the shape of a tooth with a little pocket for him to put his tooth in. He loved it! It also includes 4 charts to record 4 sets of lost teeth which makes it a great family tooth fairy kit. The tooth fairy was able to find his tooth without a problem during the night!
His loose tooth, hanging on by a thread

I missed the actual moment, but he finally pulled it out by himself.

When he smiles, you can barely tell it's missing.

But when he opens his mouth a little, there it is, a missing tooth!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

MO Ranch

MO Ranch is such a blessing for our family.
This is what Josie! She is such a sweet baby. She eats, she plays, she sleeps. And for several days in a row now, she has been sleeping through the night. Like 9-10 hours straight. She is such a joy and she did so well in the MO Ranch far as I know!

Laynie had a great time at MO Ranch, playing with her friends and "exploring". Sometimes she likes bugs, and sometimes, not-so-much. She particularly enjoyed sampling what the cafeteria had to in a little bit of this and a little bit of that. And she loved having ice cream after lunch and dinner...her dream come true :).
Tyler impressed us this year with his water skills. He went down the "rapids" for the first time this year by himself, without a swim vest, and he LOVED it! He couldn't wait to go back to the river every day. He had a blast exploring the river and playing with friends.

A family picture on the last day. With a baby in tow, we spent most of our free time "dividing and conquering." That usually meant J and Ty were at the river while me and the girls :) napped in the room...not a bad deal. I did get to go to the river one day with Ty and Laynie and it was so fun to watch them swim and play.

Love these two kiddos. Such sweet, silly, different personalities. Such a joy to watch them grow! And such a blessing to be able to spend the week in Texas Hill Country surrounded by other families doing the same!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tyler's t-ball game

Tyler finished his t-ball season on Saturday. He enjoyed playing with several of his buddies from school. He's always a good sport, but never overly enthusiastic about chasing balls. But he has a good time, and of course, loves having snack at the end :). After his last game, they had a pizza party, and we brought "baseball" cupcakes. And now we are on to new endeavors. He'll do swim lessons in July, which he loves, and he's starting karate through the YMCA next week. We'll see how that goes, at the moment, he has been inspired by Kung Fu Panda!