Friday, January 16, 2009

winter veggies

Jason and Laynie brought in our dinner veggies tonight, from our own garden! We have several varieties of fresh lettuce growing, sugar snap peas (which are delicious right off the vine), carrots, broccoli, bell peppers, and chives. It's so convenient, and fresh to have veggies growing in the garden! Jason built 3 "square foot gardens" in our backyard, and we continue to try new things each season.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ebelskivers and goodies

Ebelskivers were a childhood Christmas Eve tradition. My mom would make a huge batch of them for Christmas Eve dinner, and I mean huge. What could be better than a round pancake ball/doughnut dipped in sugar and or jam...for dinner? Even better was that we would compete to see who could eat the most! Delicious! Well, for Christmas, I got my first Ebelskiver pan and Jason kindly broke it in by cooking a delicious batch of "cinnamon-bun filled pancakes", a Williams Sonoma recipe. They were quite tasty, and I'm pretty sure our kids have a new favorite breakfast (or dinner) food!

Jason in action!

Ty and Laynie enjoying their ebelskiver breakfast.

Legos are also a new addition at our house. Tyler has become quite the little builder. He loves to look at the directions and put them together piece by piece. We are quite impressed :). He started with little Creator sets that had approximately 70-80 pieces. But for Christmas, he received a lego fire station that had 600 pieces and he built it within two days! He built 99% of it all by himself, with the slightest help from Daddy.

Tyler and his fully constructed lego fire station...600 pieces in all!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hi friends and family!

It's 2009, and we are joining the blog world! Mostly, we'll be sharing pictures and stories of our family adventures.

We are very thankful for a healthy 2008, particularly in contrast to 2007! And we look forward to 2009 with the wedding of Jason's brother, Ryan, in February, and the due date of our third child, Jocelyn Eloise Norcross (Josie), in mid-March.

Here are a few pics of the 2008 holidays.

Tyler and Laynie playing in the snow in our front yard!

Tyler blowing out the candles on his Kung Fu Panda cupcakes at his 5th birthday party.

Laynie waiting for the Christmas train in Alvin.

Laynie looking sweet on Christmas Eve.

Tyler leaving out cookies and milk for Santa.

We look forward to keeping up with y'all in 2009!