Tuesday, January 6, 2009

ebelskivers and legos...christmas goodies

Ebelskivers were a childhood Christmas Eve tradition. My mom would make a huge batch of them for Christmas Eve dinner, and I mean huge. What could be better than a round pancake ball/doughnut dipped in sugar and or jam...for dinner? Even better was that we would compete to see who could eat the most! Delicious! Well, for Christmas, I got my first Ebelskiver pan and Jason kindly broke it in by cooking a delicious batch of "cinnamon-bun filled pancakes", a Williams Sonoma recipe. They were quite tasty, and I'm pretty sure our kids have a new favorite breakfast (or dinner) food!

Jason in action!

Ty and Laynie enjoying their ebelskiver breakfast.

Legos are also a new addition at our house. Tyler has become quite the little builder. He loves to look at the directions and put them together piece by piece. We are quite impressed :). He started with little Creator sets that had approximately 70-80 pieces. But for Christmas, he received a lego fire station that had 600 pieces and he built it within two days! He built 99% of it all by himself, with the slightest help from Daddy.

Tyler and his fully constructed lego fire station...600 pieces in all!

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  1. Great Blog Kelly! And I love how you wrote...dipped in sugar 'and or' jam...why choose!!? I have never heard of the ebelskivers, but they sound happy! Also loving Laynie's full cheeks ;).

    Awesome job with the Legos Ty!!!

    Hope ya'll had a great holiday! Talk to you soon!