Friday, June 26, 2009

First visit from the tooth fairy

About a week ago, while we were at Mo Ranch, Tyler discovered he had a loose tooth! He was having a hard time eating corn on the cob because his tooth hurt. And lo and behold, he had a wiggly tooth! After dinner on Wednesday night, his wiggly tooth was hanging on by a thread. On Thursday morning, Tyler gave it the final tug!
Before bed on Thursday evening, Tyler found a "care package" from the tooth fairy on his pillow. It was a box set called Tooth Fairy Time by Susan Magsamen. It included a book about teeth, taking care of teeth, and the tooth fairy. It also included a pillow in the shape of a tooth with a little pocket for him to put his tooth in. He loved it! It also includes 4 charts to record 4 sets of lost teeth which makes it a great family tooth fairy kit. The tooth fairy was able to find his tooth without a problem during the night!
His loose tooth, hanging on by a thread

I missed the actual moment, but he finally pulled it out by himself.

When he smiles, you can barely tell it's missing.

But when he opens his mouth a little, there it is, a missing tooth!

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