Sunday, January 17, 2010

Time to catch up!

Okay, time to get caught up! The kids are going through some distinct stages right now, so here's an update of what they're up to!

Josie is pulling up on everything! She's just starting to think about moving her feet as she pulls up too...exciting! Her smile is THE sweetest thing :). And yep, her hair rocks! Right now, she's sick with a yucky cough and fever, so we're praying she gets well soon.

Laynie is living in the world of princesses, dress-up, fairies and dance. Every day for the last 2 weeks she changes out of her original outfit into dress-up clothes and asks "May I have this dance?" She wants to dance all day long, mostly with someone. Last week she was putting on my chapstick and said to me, "Doesn't this make my lips look like honey?" Seriously, I assure you I have never said that! Then she put lip gloss on her cheeks and said, "Now my cheeks look like roses!". Wow. Where does she come up with that?!

Here is a preview of Tyler's science fair project. Tyler is loving kindergarten, reading more day by day and trying not to have his brain swallowed up by the Wii. He is loving Super Mario Brothers and I'm pretty sure he's constantly thinking about his next "level".

This is a picture of our minivan on the way to the Clear Lake dog park. Josie is most likely chillin' in her carseat, Laynie is sucking her thumb, holding onto silky and wearing a crown, Finny is looking out the window and Tyler is playing his DS. Yep, that's our family!
Another classic family shot. Jason and Ty are playing the wii together (both intently), Laynie is having a snack and making faces at the camera, Finny is trying to eat Laynie's snack and Josie is hanging out, playing with the cord.

And finally, 2 sweet pics of Josie exploring at the Tot Spot in the Children's Museum. She is so fun, one sweet smile from her and I'm melted. I'm so thankful that God has blessed us with this sweet girl!

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  1. What a great post! I loved getting caught up on the Norkys =) Love you guys and miss you lots!