Friday, November 13, 2009

Josie, Laynie & Ty @ 8 months

All of these pictures were taken within one week of Josie, Laynie and Tyler turning 8 months old, give or take. I wish I knew how to post the pics side by side, but I would have to say that Josie and Tyler resemble each other the most. What do you think?

Josie definitely wins for most chubs and most hair!

Laynie is rocking her beautiful blue eyes!

And Tyler is showing off his California roots, cheering for the Giants at Pac Bell Park!


  1. Definitely. Imagine a little more hair on Tyler and you can certainly see a resemblance. Laynie has her own look...I think the eyes have a big part in that! =)

  2. I knew she had a lot of hair... but wow. she has a lot of hair. And I never realized Tyler had so little. They definitely have similar features, but I think all your kids look a lot alike. Probably because you and J could pass for siblings. :-)