Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So I debated whether or not to cut Laynie's bangs...and finally gave in. They were getting longer, almost long enough to pull back in a ponytail, but almost every day, she prefers to wear her hair down, which means in her face (and usually caked with food!) I think they turned out pretty cute! So, here are some before and after pics...



Posing with her favorite kitty, Peaches. (And no hair in her eyes!)

Now it's Finny's turn to get his bangs cut!

And one of my sweet, handsome Tyler...munching on mini-muffins :)


  1. She looks so sweet! And, for the love, Peaches is the biggest cat I have ever seen!!! Laynie's bangs and curls in that picture are precious! Finny is like a ginormous chocolate Q-tip...hilarious!

  2. Your friend Crystal hasn't seen Girl Kitty! =) No, actually she's starting to look scrawny in her old age. Poor thing. I love the bangs...good choice!