Tuesday, April 14, 2009

California visitors

My sister (Aunt Carmen) and her son Hayden came to visit Josie and the rest of us! Hayden is one year older than Tyler and they have a blast together. It was fabulous having them here, help with mornings (so Jason could go to work and I could sleep in), playtime and adventures in the day, and wonderful help with dinner and bedtime! We had a great visit!

This lego helicopter was a gift from Aunt Carm...Tyler and Hayden built it the night they arrived! And they worked like champs together!

Tyler and Hayden in Laynie's big bed. The cousins got to have a sleepover everynight! And Hayden often read the bedtime stories, amazing!

Josie loves her Auntie Carm and cousin Hayden!

The boys had a blast playing drums upstairs, they had several drum "performances"!

The gang :)

Aunt Carm helping Princess Laynie get ready for bed :).

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  1. Glad you got to have so much fun with your sister! That Josie is GORGEOUS! Congrats!