Saturday, March 27, 2010

Josie's 1st Birthday!

My sweet baby girl turned One! It's hard to believe...feels like this year has gone by so fast! She has such a sweet, curious spirit. She has 8 teeth, including 3 molars. She's a great sleeper, loves cheerios and goldfish, but is not a fan of other finger foods...yet. She pulls up on anything, is walking while she pushes her baby stroller, but crawling is her preferred mode of transportation. She signs for "milk" and "all done". She plays peek-a-boo with her bath towel. She makes really cute babbling sounds, like "a tuckatuckatuckatuckatucka". And after having Laynie, I've got to say that the fact that Josie does not have breath-holding spells is a blessing beyond measure. It is so fun to watch her explore her environment without worrying about her passing out. Exhale. But I do have to keep an eye on the dog food/water, 'cause Josie is a fan :).

She is sporting her tutu, "j" onesie and baby legs, all made by me! And she looks pretty darn cute if I do say so myself. :). I'm usually more of a crafty wannabe, so it's pretty cool to actually make something myself!

She thought being bumped up and down in the bounce house was pretty awesome.

It was a bunny party 'cause she's our little bunny. And, it's really convenient to find bunny-themed decorations in March!
This picture shows her sweet curiousity.
Love you Josie girl.


  1. I can't believe she turned 1 already. Wow! She is soooooo beautiful!

  2. Happy Birthday Sweetie pie! And, isn't that bounce house THE best! So glad we have one!