Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Fun!!!

Papa (my dad) is in town for Easter! And boy have the kids been keeping him busy! On Saturday, we walked over to our neighborhood park/pool for an easter egg hunt. The eggs went fast, but the kids had a great time seeing their friends and playing at the park afterwards.

Josie's cuddling with Papa.

After the neighborhood easter egg hunt, we came home and dyed some eggs. The kids love this tradition. We use ours for an outdoor easter egg hunt on Easter day, but don't eat them afterwards. Jason and I are both weirded out by eating eggs that have changed colors :). Our kids do love hard boiled eggs though, especially when they get to slice them in the egg slicer!

They each colored a dozen eggs with our help.

After church Sunday morning, and an indoor egg hunt, we went out to lunch with my dad to Texas Roadhouse. We had planned on going to Red River, but they were closed! But, Roadhouse saved the day with no crowds, peanuts, and good meat!

Tyler brought his new Woody and Buzz lego people along to play.

Trying to take a pic of all 3 is a challenge! They are all looking up as Jason and my dad are standing above, clapping and encouraging them to smile :).

This is more realistic, everybody doing something different!

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