Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fun times

Here is the triple-tier chocolate cake I mentioned on facebook. Jason and the kids made it from a 9x13's from a Williams Sonoma kids recipe book. Yum! The best part is always making and decorating it though. I love Laynie's tight squeeze on Ty :).

This would be super spy time in the closet. Laynie was calling herself Super Spy Mom...with a dress, butterfly wings, ring and sunglasses...awesome. Ty had his super spy pocket watch.

This would be Josie's long locks at 10 months! She has such a beautiful little head of hair!

Josie is visiting Ty while he does homework :). I love watching her explore. I'm pretty sure I never let Laynie pull up on the tile...she was way too clumsy/dramatic. But Josie is sure-footed and knows how to lower herself down carefully. Such a relief!

Laynie is sporting her candy necklace that she made with the Candy Jewel Factory, even the necklace is edible!

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  1. I cannot believe Josie's hair! That is unbelievable! And Beautiful! My little princess seems to be losing her hair by the's everywhere...crib sheet, car seat, playmat, her clothing, MY clothing, and she's always got little baby hairs stuck all over her sweet drooly face...poor thing! And unfortunately I think it is going to get worse before it gets better! Oh and Laynie...the Super Spy Mom...what a crack up!