Saturday, February 27, 2010

sewing projects!

I can't even believe I am sewing things...It's so fun! My mom was a great sewer and she always encouraged me to learn when I was younger, but I was never interested....until now! I got my first sewing machine for Christmas, a very simple, begginer's sewing machine. And in January/February, I took a 6 week sewing course through Scarlette's Sewing School in Clear Lake. We learned to sew a pair of pajama pants which causes you to learn various skills as you go. I didn't even know what a bobbin was before I started this class! We learned how to thread our machine, how to sew a straight line, and we learned how to use a serger. I have a TON to learn, but am now able to do some simple projects on my own!
Laynie is actually wearing a pair of "babylegs" that I made, they fit her perfectly as leg warmers for when she goes to dance!

Here is my first applique project for Josie! The onesie looks tiny, but it's actually size 18m. I was a little intimidated by this one because it required ironing (no, I don't iron much.) But it turned out really cute and I'm excited to make more of these with different shapes and fabrics! (And, I ironed a shirt for Jason while I was at it, maybe ironing isn't so bad after all!)

Here is Josie playing in her babylegs. They are just a tad bit tight around her sweet, squishy thighs, but she'll grow into them :).

I would post a pic of my pajama pants, but they're not quite finished. I ran into a little snafoo during my last class. Instead of trimming 3 inches off of each pant leg to hem, I accidentally trimmed 6 inches off of one leg and zero off the other. You live, you learn! So now they will have a funky cuff at the bottom since I had to reattach the fabric. And I will have to finish up the pants during a makeup class!
I have definitely learned that sewing and perfectionism do not go hand in hand. It is so much better to just try it, take a risk and most often, you won't even notice if a stitch is crooked (or if you have to reattach something!) Sewing is teaching me to let go and not worry if it's perfect, something I should do a lot more of!


  1. You are doing fdantastic!!!! I'm going to have to look into that class. When I finished high school, I started a quilt but never finished it. Seeing your work inspires me to learn to sew and finally finish the quilt.

  2. You could always turn those pj pants into pj capris! I have a few pair of pj capris and I love them! =)