Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Memories

Josie swinging at the new park on 518. I love her sweet, ridiculous smile!

Beautiful November park weather

2nd day at the same park.  This time with donuts (and baby Hippo)!  It is vacation :).

Ty has been into making paper airplanes this week.  Using his Klutz paper airplane design book, he created 3 himself and has been testing/racing/aiming and competing them, sometimes for points.  He even designed his own "windsock" out of cardstock and crate paper streamers to determine the wind direction outside.  He is so silly....and smart :).

3 silly kids and 2 big dogs = craziness and fun :)

Josie has decided that if eating involves a utensil, she must be in control of it.  Laynie was helping and encouraging Josie with her yogurt and they were both pretty proud of their success.

Thanksgiving feast with Ryan and Heather.  All of the food was delcicious and the kids had a great time with their Aunt and Uncle visiting!  Jason was the mastermind behind the turkey and continues to come up with creative ways to use the turkey...his first turkey and dumpling soup, turkey and broccoli quiche and more to come.  Yum!

Mancala has been the game of the week!  Ty has been playing mancala at school and we had an old board in the garage, so after bringing it in, it has become a hit!  Even Ty and Laynie can play's great!  (until Laynie loses, but she's getting better :)).

This is one of Josie's many crazy moves lately.  She has officially become a climber.  She has no interest in toys right now, she only wants to climb the chairs at the table or climb onto the couch and over onto the end table.  She is pretty much a constant source of craziness and sillyness!

That's all for now!  Next post will include some of the fun crafts we've done this week!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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