Saturday, November 20, 2010


Wiley was such a special pet, he bridges so many memories.  After dating for 6 months in high school, Jason asked my mom if he could get me a kitty for a present...who does that?!  Surprisingly, she said yes!  He came home from the local SPCA around September of 1994.  The first couple of pics are hilarious to look back at, but I love them.  I love that Jason has been a part of my life for so long.  It is such a blessing that he got to know my mom before she passed away.  Wiley was there from our senior year in high school, through college, through our early years of marriage moving from Davis to Mountian View to Sunnyvale to San Jose...and finally to Texas!  All 3 of our kids have loved him.  (Although Ty has recently announced that he doesn't really like cats because according to him, cats somehow open his door at night and sneak into his room.  That would weird me out too, I suppose.) :) 

Jason with Wiley in my bedroom.  Our senior year in high school.  Gotta love the posters on the wall :).

Wiley was just a few months old here.  And yes, overalls were totally cool then ;).

The date is wrong in the corner of the pic.  I think this is around 1998/9 (our senior year in college) when Wiley was living at my Dad's house. 
Wiley at our apartment the year after we got married.

Wow, my hubby is hot!  :)  This is yesterday, saying goodbyes :(.

Cuddling my sweet Wiley.

Sweet Wiley Woodles.  We will all miss you around here. 

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